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Location:Missouri, United States of America
Website:My fic on AO3
If you're looking for my personal DW journal, it is [personal profile] jacieleigh, or you can find me as solariana at LJ.

This journal is an archive for my SlashFic, which includes both NCIS (2009-?) and NSync (2003-2010).
Please note, my primary fanfiction journal for posting is jacie3 at LJ. I also post at AO3 as jacie. DW is more of a backup and may not be up to date.

All stories posted here are NCIS or NSync Slash Fiction
(i.e. ADULT MATERIAL HEREIN, Boy on Boy, not true, I made it all up, no harm intended, for entertainment purposes only, etc.).
Stories posted to this journal are © 2003-2017.

I started watching NCIS in October 2009. My first NCIS slash fic was written in November 2009. I've been an NSync fan since late 1999, and began writing NSync slash in December 2003.

New friends are welcome here! :)

Originally, this journal was set up for popslash only. When you go through the TAGS, NCIS stuff is marked NCIS, everything else is popslash.

For those interested:

NCIS Slash Index Links (unlocked):
  • NCIS Index alphabetically with summaries
  • NCIS Index by date written

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    NSync Slash Index Links (unlocked):
  • Alphabetical with Summaries
  • Author's Favorites
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    All Index Links (NCIS & NSync combined) (some indexes are Friends-Locked)

    My rating system is pretty much based on the movie rating system:
    PG-13: may include sexual references, kissing, minor touching, etc.
    R: May include sexual scenes, strong language, some violence, etc.
    NC-17: Is not suitable for children and may contain non-con sex, death of character, etc.

    My NCIS and fandom communities on DW:
    [community profile] ncis_bigbang NCIS Big Bang Challenge
    [community profile] ncis_reversebang NCIS Revserse Bang Challenge
    [community profile] ncis_bang NCIS Challenge Master Lists from past challenges
    [community profile] ncis_sesa NCIS Secret Santa Challenge
    [community profile] ncis_challenge NCIS Happy Holidays Advent Challenge
    [community profile] ncis_discuss Discussions about NCIS, the series and fandom
    [community profile] ncis_search Search for anything related to NCIS (certain scenes, photos, etc.)
    [community profile] ncis_campfire Newsletter
    [community profile] beta_search A multi-fandom community where you can look for, or offer, beta, cheerleader or mentor help.

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